Blogs are an incredible platform to share your passions with the world and are becoming increasingly easier to profit from. While there is a myriad of techniques bloggers can employ to fatten their wallets, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the more common and fruitful methods (in our humble opinion).

1. Promote Affiliates

Many companies offer affiliate programs in a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” arrangement. By directing users to a relevant and trusted service provider, you can be compensated by the company should a sale or registration consequently occur. To maximize your earning potential, be sure to keep your affiliates relevant.

2. Advertising

Ah, the old standby. Have free space on your blog you’d like to make lucrative? You can quickly and easily add banner, sidebar, and even text ads using networks like Google AdSense or Amazon Associates.  Alternatively, consider direct advertising which could mean more control over what appears on your blog as well as the possibility of negotiating a higher fee.

3. Premium memberships or subscriptions

Countless sites provide free content to users while also offering a premium edition on the side. Having free, quality content draws users in and can encourage a sense of trust in what you do. Offering an optional membership program or paid subscription on the side granting access to more in-depth or meaty material is a brilliant way to earn income.

4. Product & Service Sales

Consider setting up shop and using your blog as a storefront for selling your artwork, consultation services, or even custom products featuring your designs. There are loads of online businesses out there like Spreadshirt and Zazzle where you can design and purchase your own quality merchandise for resale purposes.

5. ebooks and Manuals

With the dawn of ebooks, writing and self-publishing your own content has become wildly more accessible for the everyday person. Numerous epublishing services will convert your documents into a variety of ebook formats for free, allow you to set the price, and even provide hosting. Intrigued? Check out Payhip and Booktango to see just how easy it is.


There is no “one way” to successfully monetize your blog; everyone has a different experience. You may have great success with one method or find the magic groove using a combination of them all.

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