We are excited to announce the release of Willow, a One Page Multi-Purpose theme!

Whether it be for business or hobby, Willow is carefully crafted to showcase your passion simply and beautifully. In addition to its striking aesthetic and solid coding, be sure to take advantage of the plethora of premium features included with Willow.

For complete details and a full preview, check out Willow on ThemeForest.

  • Ambika

    It would be awesome if you provide us with all the documentation like,
    1. The appropriate size of the hero logo.
    2. Appropriate size of header logo.
    3. Best size for Featured Image in the blog.
    4. Post Types

    • Keef Ward

      yes please

      • SoloPine

        Hi Keef,

        Thanks for commenting!

        We have an article which goes over the recommended dimensions of Willow images here: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/3101/
        The Willow section is at the bottom of the page.

        If there’s any image dimensions I should add to the list, or if you find yourself with any setup questions, please feel free to shoot us a message via ThemeForest :-)


    • SoloPine

      Hi there,

      So, so sorry we didn’t answer your question from last year! I’m afraid we hadn’t seen it until someone commented on it a short while ago.

      We have an article that goes over recommended image dimensions for Willow here (at the bottom of the article): https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/3101/

      You’re always welcome to reach out if you have any additional questions about this or if there’s an image dimension I should add to the article. It may be best to contact us via email if you do :-)
      You can find our email contact form on the right side of our page here: https://themeforest.net/user/solopine