Anyone who’s worked with graphic/web design & beyond is well-acquainted with Lorem Ipsum. This mock content is ideal for demonstrating page layout or fleshing out a design-in-progress with filler text. Lorem Ipsum has been in use since the 16th century, albeit in a multitude of variations since then. So why keep using the same outdated dummy script when you could liven it up with one of these modern and fun alternatives?

1. Samuel L. Ipsum

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3. Hodor Ipsum

Any fan of the hit series Game of Thrones will appreciate dummy text from this loveable character’s lengthy soliloquies about life, love, and….honestly, who really knows?

4. Fillerati

Class it up with excerpts and quotes from beloved authors such as Lewis Carroll, Jack London, and Jules Verne.

5. United Ipsums

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6. Star Wars Ipsum

May the demonstrative benefits of dummy text content be with you.

7. Wikipsum

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8. Sagan Ipsum

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9. Dalek Ipsum

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10. Veggie Ipsum

Nothing but random vegetables. On the bright side, it counts toward your daily fiber intake.